My Mother’s Day Wish


Another Mother’s Day looms before me,

Reminders where ever I look.

I wince when I see mothers with daughters my age,

I can’t read their sentiments without pain.


You were my most important person,

But now you’re a faint memory.

I often wonder how we would have turned out.

Would we be friends or would things be strained?


My life has continued without you,

The years have changed me a lot,

Would you recognize the person I’ve become?

Or would you still see an immature girl?


How I wish I could sit down and talk with you,

I’d tell you what I’ve done since you died.

Five kids, seven pregnancies, and a house fire.

I’ve been married for twenty-two years.


I wrote a book and self-published it.

I read my Bible and pray.

I’d like to think you would be proud of me,

But I can only imagine and hope.


Why can’t I see you again?

Why can’t I at least hear your voice?

Send me a message through an angel,

Let them know I’ll be waiting all night.


How I wish you could be a grandma on earth.

I wish you could still be a wife.

Oh I long for you to be my mother again,

But I’m motherless now, for life.


~ Angela Bergmann 2020